Learning Stories

Learning Stories  Wendy Lee from Education Leadership Project will be providing three learning story workshops in Kaitaia and in Kerikeri. You will be able to attend all three or the workshop that suits you. If you attend all three Wendy will be giving participants homework to work on to support each workshop. Each workshop will cost $50 or $100 to attend all three workshops. Wendy Lee has worked with Professor Margaret Carr over a range of ECE research projects emanating from Te Whāriki. These included co-directorship of the National ECE Assessment and Learning Exemplar project resulting in the Kei Tua o the Pae books on assessment. Wendy is now the director of ELP Ltd, which provides professional learning opportunities for teachers in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) sector in New Zealand. Part One: AssessmentKey elements of assessment and learning stories. Te Whariki (2017) writes of assessment being a “mana-enhancing process for all children, parents and whanau.” In this workshop we will look at the narrative approach to assessment through learning stories where we unpack and give heart to the formative assessment sequence of noticing, recognising and responding to valued learning. Part Two: Exploring DispositionsA closer look at Learning Dispositions and the Language of Learning. We will focus on the analysis of learning as it relates to the narrative. We will discuss and develop reflective writing, shifts in children’s thinking and making teaching and learning visible. Along with a focus on dispositions and what learning is happening here we will also look at how we, as teachers, can support children’s view of themselves as learners through the conversations we have and language we use with children. We will be drawing on the work of Guy Claxton and Margaret Carr and look at how the language we use can help our children… Read More