Our team works across a range of topics in the area of Parenting Development to strengthen skills, strategies and approaches used by our whānau at home.

Specific programmes:

Teen Parent Support Service

Far North REAP Intensive Teen Parent Support Service is for young parents, 19 years of age and under.  We aim to help young parents learn to care and nurture their baby by becoming confident and self-assured.  Young parents know who they are, they are resilient and when feel nurtured and good about themselves, can embrace the joy of parenthood.

Our Intensive Teen Parent Support Service provides a variety of support, advice and guidance on parenting.  By working alongside our Young Parents, we are able to assist them in achieving goals they have identified such as school/education goals.  As well as providing both emotional and practical support, we provide advocacy services to assist young parents to acquire any core documents needed for their independence, for example birth certificate, bank account setting up a RealMe account.

We will also have Parenting Programmes running which incorporate:

  • Life skills
  • Back to basics living skills
  • Parenting resources

What is the criteria for the Teen Parent Support service?

You need to be a parent 19 years of age or under who wants educational, emotional or practical support in the following areas:

  • Education – re-enrolment in school, correspondence school
  • Training courses – from what is available through to the enrolment process
  • Parenting courses/workshops
  • Advocating on behalf
  • Antenatal support
  • Licensing – from enrolling you on the appropriate course to sitting your license
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Housing support
  • Relationship concerns
  • Addictions support
  • Youth Justice support

Grandparents Raising Mokupuna
Meet together quarterly

Far North REAP Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy                                            Child Protection Procedure                      Child Protection Reporting Form