Our team works across a range of topics in the area of Parenting Development to strengthen skills, strategies and approaches used by our whānau at home.

Specific programmes:

  • Incredible Years
    Positive behaviour programme catering for children 3 – 8 years 14 weeks
  • Teen Parents
    Intensive social work support for parents 19 years & under
  • Grandparents Raising Mokupuna
    Meet together quarterly
  • Building Awesome Whānau
    This course is designed to strengthen and encourage whānau. It is packed full of great ideas, positive stories from parents still on the journey with their own tamariki and useful resources to help you build a great future for your whānau. The programme is delivered over two days, and we cover the following areas:
    – Laying the foundations – building your family on aroma
    – Parents are the roof! Protecting your whānau
    – The walls of the whare – boundaries to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out
    – Keeping it sweet – atmosphere is everything!
    – Cool korero! Communication
    – Outside the whare – Living in the big wide world
  • Tikanga Matua
    Our Tikanga Matua Parenting Programme is designed to identify positive parenting practices by illustrating the importance of becoming a positive role model from a Te Ao Māori perspective. The programme is delivered over two days, and we cover the following areas:
    – Te Ao Māori View – Parenting Past and what this looks like in a modern context – Whakapapa, Roles & Values
    – Te Tiriti o Waitangi – Impact this has had on whānau and how we parent today
    – Te Whare Tapa Wha – Personal choices and the impact on whānau and the importance of having a balance
    – PATH Tool – Positive Planning Tool for whānau to achieve their goals