Our team deliver projects, learning support, social marketing, events, courses, and overall coordination of road safety education in the Far North District.  The team hold a range of skills around driver instruction, licensing, project planning, marketing, youth engagement and networking.  Projects are grouped around five main themes of road safety education:

  • Reducing Alcohol & Drug Impaired Driving
  • Young Drivers
  • Safer Speeds – with a focus on driving to the conditions
  • Restraint usage
  • Fatigue Awareness & Distraction

District Coordination

A large part of Far North REAP’s role in road safety education is to support our partners delivering this kaupapa across the district.  Other community groups delivering alongside Far North REAP include Moerewa Christian Fellowship, Te Runanga o Whaingaroa, Ngati Hine Health Trust, Te Hau Ora o Nga Puhi, Hokianga Health and Project Wheels Kaitaia.

Licensing Courses

We provide license courses for the community.  These include Learners, Restricted and Defensive Driving courses which teach students the Road Code and safe driving practices and may include a practice assessment drive.

FREE – Learners Licence Course:

This is a three day course with testing held on the third day.  The first two days your tutor will take you through the road code and help you prepare for the Learners Licence test.  To register for this course you must pay the test fee and complete your DL1 application form at the Far North REAP AA Drivers Licence counter.  The test costs $93.90. Please note, there are strict rules around I.D requirements that we must adhere to, please click on the link below.

Information about New Zealand drivers licence and identification requirements:


FREE – Restricted Licence Course

This is a two hour course where you will re-visit the road rules.  Your tutor will take you for an assessment drive and give you feedback on your driving ability. You will need to bring your Learners Licence card to register for this course.

Street Talk – Defensive Driving Course

Street Talk is an approved advanced driving skills course for a Class 1 (car) licence. On completion of this course, students receive a certificate which can be used to lessen the waiting time from Restricted to Full licence by 6 months. There are four modules for this workshop and all must be completed to graduate and receive the certificate.  Cost for this course is: $160.00 (please note we can only accept cash or cheque for this course)

Reducing Alcohol & Drug Impaired Driving

One Tear Too Many Marketing Campaign

Original campaign image created by Hayley Ngaroma Fitzpatrick

According to Hayley the image represents Papatuanuku, our Earth Mother and the one tear signifies one death as too many and encourages us to be mindful of driving on our roads

One Tear - drinkdrive image
One Tear - drinkdrive te reo

The 2018 One Tear Too Many campaign image