Far North REAP was established in 1980 to foster and facilitate Rural Education Opportunities for Te Hiku region. It is primarily a community development organisation, where there is a community need we will endeavour to resource and find a solution. In all cases it will look to finding a solution locally and if it can’t be found then look nationally. Far North REAP is adaptive and responsive and has become a pivotal member of the Far North community. Far North REAP can provide assistance and training for community organisations in all aspects of governance and management training. This includes strategic planning and development of business plans, training for boards of directors, human resource management and best practice, policy and procedural development and review processes and financial management and planning. It can also provide administrative support services and all aspects of financial support. Far North REAP is 1 of 13 REAPs in New Zealand. Each REAP is a locally-based Incorporated Society or Trust. REAP’s aim is to deliver education opportunities to rural communities in order to make a difference to the lives and long term plans of rural people. Commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi is core to how REAP approaches its work.