Rongoā Māori & Rāranga Harakeke

Cost – $10.00 per person per session.

Rāranga Harakeke – participants to bring:

• Butter knife or something similar for softening the flax

• Scissors

• Sharp knife

• Flax (if possible)

• Plate for shared lunch

Rongoā Māori – participants to bring:

🍲 Plate for shared lunch

Wānanga Sessions 2022

Rongoā Māori
10 September (Saturday) 9am-3pm

Rāranga Harakeke
24 September (Saturday) 9am-5pm

Rongoā Māori
8 October (Saturday) 9am-3pm

Rāranga Harakeke
15 October (Saturday) 9am-5pm

Rongoā Māori
29 October (Saturday) 9am-3pm

Rongoā Māori (Kukupa Rm)
5 November (Saturday) 9am-3pm

Rāranga Harakeke (Kukupa Rm)
19 November (Saturday) 9am-5pm

Rāranga Harakeke
26 November (Saturday) 9am-5pm

Please note: You must be 16 years and older and not attending school to register for both courses

To register for either course click here: