Trade Apprenticeship Support

Are you currently a trades apprentice struggling with your bookwork?
Do you need extra support? Or just a quiet space to study?

Mondays & Tuesdays
5pm – 7.30pm
starting Monday 26 July 2021

Far North REAP can provide this space for you!
So you can do your work without those home distractions.
You probably just need to be with like minded people on the same journey?
Our venue is warm, spacious, fibre optic wifi with tea & coffee available at no cost.

Click on the link to register: REGISTRATION LINK

Tertiary Support

Are you studying at tertiary level? We are here to help you on your journey

Far North REAP is offering a academic mentor and pastoral support person based at Far North REAP for students studying at tertiary level.

Click on the link to register: